Your First Visit


Your first appointment is scheduled following your initial phone call to our office. Following this phone call, a packet of information will be sent to you with information about our office and the examination appointment. A health history and map will be enclosed.

During the first appointment, several important things will happen. You will be greeted by our treatment coordinator. She will review your personal information, health history and visit with you about your chief concerns with your teeth and/or smile. She will then have our records technician take some digital photographs and an i-CAT scan.

Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Wilson or Dr. Hendrickson will conduct a thorough examination of your face, mouth, teeth and jaws to determine the basic nature of your problem and visit with you about treatment options to best address your needs. They will be more than happy to answer all or your questions regarding your orthodontic care.

After Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Wilson or Dr. Hendrickson fully explain the nature and extent of your treatment needs and a plan of treatment is decided, our treatment coordinator will review costs of treatment and she can discuss payment arrangements. Usually we request about 10% of the total fee when treatment begins, and the remainder is divided into monthly payments for the duration of treatment. We are a provider for many orthodontic insurance plans, and we will be happy to assist you with checking your benefits and filing your insurance claims.

Depending on your treatment plan, your treatment coordinator may be able to assist in helping to get your treatment started at this time, or we may need to coordinate additional visits.

We look forward to assisting you in creating a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!